Welcome to Dog Zone!

Want more to do with your dog than throw a ball in the backyard or go for a walk? We understand, there are many people that become frustrated with the antics of their dog and they do not know how to handle these destructive behaviors. But a dog that is acting out like a wild child is bored. They need obedience training, exercise and positive stimulation, but most of all, they need your constructive attention. No matter what your need is, Dog Zone can help.

Any dog can learn at any age. Canine obedience is not limited to any one dog breed. Here at Dog Zone we believe in you and your dog. We offer Puppy Obedience, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and competition levels of Trial Obedience. If dog sports is what you are looking for; Dog Zone has a class to fit your need. Let us help you train your dog, and establish the trust, obedience and bond that have been looking for! We use only positive methods that are proven highly successful. We limit our classes to no more than 10 dogs per class to allow for more one on one time from our trainer.

Imagine being able to do Agility, Rally Obedience or Flyball, or even just walking down the street with a well behaved dog (the envy of your neighbors!) Our dog trainer has over 30 years� experience. Donna J. Zaj has trained even the most stubborn of dogs and specializes in behavior modification. Does your dog need anger management courses? Are you having problems with certain ordinances that are in place for your city? Donna can help. We presently have contact with animal control officers that recommend her for evaluations for the court system and we provide a special class for those needing to go back to dog school. She is like the dog whisperer, firm yet compassionate for all her students. Dog Zone also provides local K9 Police Dogs with an area to train in that will keep them in top shape for their jobs. We are one of the largest training facilities in Michigan with a special rolled rubber floor that will prevent dogs from slipping and is gentle on their joints. Since our building is unobstructed, it makes for a perfect place to hold competition shows and trials.

You can do this! Come to the Dog Zone to develop the kind of relationship you have always wanted with your dog. Don't put a label on your dog and say he can't learn, or is too stubborn. We will help you learn to communicate what you want your dog to do in a manner that is positive and fun! Our puppy training, basic training and advanced training are all lifetime guaranteed! That means, throughout the life of your dog, you can drop into any one of these three classes and take a refresher course, free of charge.

Now you can take your training even further, Dog Zone provides classes in Agility, Rally O, Flyball, Flygility, Frisbee and Therapy! Just like on TV, you can train your dog to do fun things and even compete against others. We are not a doggie daycare, but we do participate in a lot of fun dog games and even go on field trips! Here you are not just a number or a faceless person in a crowd, you're family. We hope you will join us in having the best time in your life with your very special fur baby.